Parent's Resistance for Help with Home Care

November 16, 2015
by Hedi Huebler - Four Seasons Home Care

Helping Senior Accept Home Care

Senior Home Care in Avon, OH

Over the last year, you’ve been noticing signs that your parent’s physical and cognitive abilities have changed. You find yourself helping with shopping, cleaning and taking them to doctor’s appointments more. You love your parent’s and are grateful to help, but the commitments to your parent’s are having consequences. The physical and mental challenges can add additional stress on you and your family. You want to bring up the conversation of getting them help from a home care agency, but are reluctant because you feel they will say no. 

For many seniors, there is a reluctance to ask for help. Parents may have strong views about the parent/child relationship, the vulnerability of dependence or the ability to cope with the need for personal or home care. Your parent’s don’t want to be a burden. They know you have a family, careers and other responsibilities. They also may be embarrassed that you will not look up to them as they intended. These and many other emotions can be dynamic and affect the parent/child relationship.

By contacting a senior home care agency, they can answer your questions and empower you with suggestions for when you are ready to have that conversation with your parent’s. These can include; how to approach you parent’s about them needing help and how to adjust to having a caregiver (service associate) in their home. Speaking to a home care agency will also allow you the opportunity to be more informed and to determine if this is the right agency should you decide to move forward. 

Your parent’s have expressed their wish to remain in their home. The decreased physical abilities coupled with household demands can increase the risk of injury or accidents. Allowing caregivers to assist with the everyday tasks of shopping, cleaning and other household demands can help to reduce those risks.       

Let us help take some of the home care burden off your shoulders so you can embrace more of those special moments that you were meant to share and become a daughter or son again. For a free in-home consultation in Northeast Ohio, call Four Seasons Home Care at (440) 716-9100.