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"Hiring Four Seasons Home Care was one of the best decisions I ever made. My caregiver helps me with so much. Her compassion and willingness to help in the everyday things has been such a relief to my family."

 - Joyce B., Lakewood, OH

"I would be lost if it wasn’t for Four Seasons Home Care and my caregiver. I have been with Four Seasons for a year now and they have made my life so much easier. From helping me around the house with every day chores to getting me to all my appointments. Not to mention shopping, cooking and keeping me company."

- Bob W., Cleveland, OH

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"I am writing this on behalf of my father. After the sudden death of my mother, my family had to take some action for the well-being and safety of our father. We were not ready to make a permanent decision on his future just yet. We looked into many services available out there. After interviewing several, we all agreed that we like the foundation of Four Seasons.

They listen to what we needed and offered advice. The service was always provided, even when there were sudden changes due to unexpected conditions. Their goals were simple and fulfilling. My father always looked forward to his caregiver, her visit, shopping and home cooking! This really helped our family out and filled the gap in time when we needed them. Four Seasons was always flexible and I am happy that we made this choice." 

- Tom D., Rocky River, OH

"I’ve been with Four Seasons Home Care for over two years. My caregiver is wonderful and so caring. From helping around the house to helping me with personal care, she has made my life so much easier. I could not have asked for a better caregiver and service that Four Seasons Home Care offers."

- Ada P., North Olmsted, OH

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"My 95-year-old mother has been receiving care for two years now from Four Seasons Home Care, recommended to me at the time by the nurse at the school I teach at. That school nurse couldn’t have been more right. My mom has loved every person that FSHC owner Hedi Huebler has brought into her home.

These homecare workers are top-notch: they take my mom wherever she needs to go, give her companionship, cook and clean for her, oversee her medications, and do much more that is not even required. I believe they go over and above what their job demands because they really care for her. Completely professional and often highly experienced—one is a retired social worker with an advanced degree, another has worked for many years in nursing homes—they, as well as Hedi, communicate with me on an ongoing basis via phone, text, or email and keep a detailed daily log of all services provided, as they give my mother a level of individualized care that she would probably never receive in a nursing home, given the number of patients such institutions must care for.

For the past two years, I have felt completely in the loop concerning the care my mom is receiving. And of course, my mom couldn’t be happier to live at home safely. She’s really not a fan of institutionalized living. But neither am I."

- Joseph S., Mayfield Hts., OH


My father has advanced dementia. Four Seasons Home Care is the third company I have tried. I am so glad I found them! Their caregivers are professional, well trained and so compassionate. I would give them the highest rating possible in every area. I would never consider any other company.

- Susan871528, November 29, 2016


Four Seasons Home Care has been a godsend to both my husband and myself. They are most accomodating and caring and so to work with. We think the world of them. I have one caregiver on a weekly basis which allows me a day out for errands and/or lunch with friend. It's a wonderful break for me and good for my husband to see a different face. She helps him shower, changes the bed, puts him through his exercises and gives him lunch. They also help me unpack groceries, prepare fresh berries, fold laundry, etc. Four Seasons is the best!

- Mardi326447, December 8, 2016

We have used Four Seasons Home Care for over two years. We needed support ranging from rides to appointments, to personal care to 24/7 care during the most difficulty of days. What meant the most, was knowing that there were caring people there to helpy my dad, to keep him company and help him remain where he was most comfortable as his life came to a close. I highly recommend Four Seasons Home Care and continue to rely on them to support my mom as she transitions into a new life without my dad.

- Leslie685148, December 10, 2016

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I was able to get somebody to help my friend out. I talked to about four agencies and decided on Four Seasons. They are really very nice people. All I need is for somebody to be here with him while I run around and get my shopping and banking done. I don’t use them to bathe or clean him or anything like that. All they do is sit with him and help him to the bathroom. They give him lunch, which I make ahead of time. They're babysitting him, which is a great ease on my mind to know that he is taken care of while I am running around doing my shopping and stuff. They are at my beck and call. They come every Thursday, and if I need them another day, they are here on time. They are very good at what they do. When they leave, he tells me how nice they are. I don’t know what exactly their boss expects of them, but whatever they do for me, I really appreciate it. I just want them to pay attention to him until I get home, and I am usually gone 4 to 5 hours. As a matter of fact, one time the one girl couldn’t come, so the owner of the company came. She came and stayed with him until I got home, which I thought was very nice.

- Janetta, January 2, 2017

Four Seasons Home Care has been helping care for my father who suffers from alzheimers dementia since he moved in with me and my family about 2 years ago. All of the caregivers have been responsible and caring. My father is anxious around new people but all of the caregivers have quickly made him feel at ease and comfortable. I have been impressed with the flexibility of the staff when I have needed to cancel or add additional hours to the schedule. Hedi is always accomodating! We have never had any negative incidents with Four Seasons Home Care and I highly recommend them. 

- MGreenberg, January 5, 2016